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In the 2020/2021 academic year, the Department of Art History and History has a staff of 58 PhD professors linked to the URV's Faculty of Letters and the Institute of Human Paleoecology and Social Evolution (IPHES). A second research institute, the Catalan Institute of Classical Archeology (ICAC) is also a place of shared dedication of the research activity of some professors but, unlike the previous one, its specific research staff is not part of the staff of the Department.

The HHA Department teaches the following Degrees, Masters and Doctorates:

Degree in History (2008)

Art History Degree (2008)

Degree in History (2018)

Degree in Art History and Archeology (2018)

Degree in Anthropology and Human Evolution Infant Education Degree Primary Education Degree Infant and Primary Education Degree

Master of Human Evolution Interuniversity

Master's Degree in Classical Archeology (URV-UAB-ICAC)

Master of Research in Humanities Teacher Training

Master Doctorate of Human Evolution Interuniversity

Doctorate in Classical Archeology (URV-UAB-ICAC)

Doctorate of Humanistic Studies

Some professors also participate occasionally in other Degrees, Masters and Doctorates such as Communication, Journalism and Advertising and Public Relations, Social Work, Labor Relations, Tourism, Nursing, etc.

The global distribution data between full-time and part-time professors in the Department of HHA is the following: Full-time teachers: 35. Part-time teachers: 42.