Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Bachelor's Degree in Art History

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The birth of the history of Art is part of a long tradition. It is supported by a long course of development in the context of the Faculty of Humanities. Academic life, during all these years, has consolidated the teaching, dedication, research and the diffusion of the art created in both our regions as in the global scope. Our interests are focused not only on the plastic creations that are generated in the territory but also in the generalization of the artistic symbols and signs.

In our classrooms we want to bridge between the creativity and the real needs of constantly changing society.

Thoughout the academic courses we research the bases of the theory and practice of Art, analysing the various styles and artistic movements. We want to discover the sounds and the images that the cinema, music, photography or the cultural heritage have contributed to the collective memory.

Our socially useful degree provides teachers, cultural managers, curators of exhibitions, art critics, museum technicians, communicators in interpretation centres, tourist centres, etc. We should add other academic spheres such as research on heritage, documentary research, aesthetic theory etc. All these professionals become transmitters of the creative worlds of the past, present and future.